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Beauty Products I Love Right Now

1-Lisa_Glam2 (2)-005I am a woman who loves her makeup, lotion, perfume and hair products! Although I am not that cluttery product hoarder… okay nevermind I shouldn’t say that as I sit here and remember that I have 3 Ziploc bags full of makeup I am not using at the moment. Hehe!

I CAN claim that I am not a ‘things’ hoarder, like those people who can identify the year by the stack level of crap. You know, like if a hoarder moved into a home in 2010, then the first few inches up from the floor would be from 2010. About 5 inches up, the items would be from 2011 and so on. How interesting is that!?

Right now I have movie “The Social Network” playing on the TV while I work. I feel like this is one of those movies that never gets old. I bet channel FXX agrees since they bought it to play at least one weekend a month. Will the movie still be good if Facebook keels over like MySpace? Oh the irony in Justin Timberlake buying a large share of MySpace after he was a supporting actor in The Social Network. He can do anything and become a success at it, but he just couldn’t bring back MySpace from the dead. Could Yeezus?

Anyway, some products that I am enjoying right now can mostly be found at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens or Ulta. Here they are in no particular order:


1. Clean and Clear Morning Burst Moisturizing Gel

This lightweight, non-lotion gel for the face is a great alternative to a face moisturizer! The scent is honeydew mixed with cucumber, and even has that cucumber coolness feeling to it. I love it.





2. Scope Breath Mist Spray (Peppermint)

This ‘binaca’ style breath spray is great for busy people. When you don’t have a toothbrush or mouthwash handy, pull this small to medium sized spray out of your purse for a freshener!





3. Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm (Healthy Blush 20)

When you’re in the sun as much as I am, you have to protect your skin. I like this newer lip balm from Neutrogena because it not only has SPF 20, but it also has a soft rosey tint. When I want to skip lip stick, I reach for this lip balm as well!





4. One N Only Argan Oil Hair Spray

What girl doesn’t love argan oil? It smells great and conditions your hair. I love this brand’s oil and the hairspray.







5. L’Oreal Smoothing system

All 3 of these products (shampoo, conditioner and creme) in the smoothing line work harmonious! I have naturally medium curly hair, and when I want to go straight, this is the combo I use.






6. Suave Captivating Curls curly mouse (compared to Redken)

This Redken knock-off is legit. Well, I wouldn’t know how good the Redken brand mouse is, but this Suave curly hair mouse controls my curls perfectly when used with a diffuser. Sometimes I add a little bit of Pantene BB creme throughout my hair too, but usually on day two.





7. Ocean Potion Ever Glow gradual body bronzer lotion

This huge bottle goes a looong way. It’s good to use in between real sun tanning. It smells like orange sickle but does not leave you orange. Also, the lotion in the bottle is a light white color with a light orange tint. FYI- I’ve only used it on my body, and not my face.





8. Epicuren Moisture Surge Hyaluronic Acid Gel


I picked up this little expensive bottle of youth at my esthetician¬†at Spectrum Gym in El Seguno, CA. It’s $28, but it’s a great face moisturizing alternative.