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Chère Chérie

Hey all! Whaz uuuuuuup,

Lisa19After you read this jargon, you will get to see some fun pictures! If you don’t read, then get-a-scrollin’!

I am not a model, but I do like to model since I know how to and do get paid every so often to pose. After working a lot in front of the camera, I am picky about who I shoot photos and even video with. Some photographers do not give me satisfactory lighting or stable shots, so the photos wind up blurry and not properly exposed, or they just suck in general. With cinematographers/videographers, they need to know their lighting and know what shots are going to look good. If I know they can’t handle the simple stuff, I don’t bother. I think a shooter can be green in experience, but if they know how to operate the camera and have a good concept, then why not shoot with that person! They are probably going to do something unique and cool. If the shooter can edit pretty good then that’s a bonus as well.

Recently I got an offer to shoot stills with my old friend and co-worker Jason Jolliff. He is a super talented videographer and editor, as I have worked with him in video productions throughout the years. When we work together, I host, and he shoots and edits. Since that chemistry works, I wondered the chemistry could work for stills?

Jason said, “I’m doing photography now, let’s shoot at the 247 Lounge!” He explained a rad concept to me detailing a ‘red couch on the stage’ with a ‘movie screen behind it’ playing moody flicks. Then he added that he had a nice lighting kit he would bring. Where do I sign? It sounded like fun.

So, we made it happen. We set it up. Started shooting. The ‘photographer and subject’ chemistry was present, and we came out with these pictures below. Mind you, this is only Jason’s 3rd photo shoot he has ever done. Je t’aime!

Save It ‘Til The Morning After

Eyes with a gleam.
Soul with a smile.
He took me under like Mr. Poseidon.

I held my breath, and opened my mind.
Then experienced something I can hardly describe.

Dazzle in the dance.
Dapper in the face.
Would you please kiss me now in this place?

I had the hors d’oeuvres, then the main course.
Still hungry, this one needed some more.

Starving for the love drug.
The speedbombs of smack
Serotonin mainlined- got my body jacked.

Haven’t been right since, or maybe I’m right now.
Your lips, your mouth I can’t live without.

Heaven Does Exist On Earth

IMG_4517You say heaven is a really far off place? No, it’s not. It exists right here on Earth. You just have to be open to experiencing it, and willing to do a little bit of traveling 🙂

You will see a bit of heaven on Earth in my video from St. Barth, an island in the West Indies.