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Pink Kicks

Pink kicks
Today I was walkin down the street
With my pink Asics on my feet
A man drove by and nudged his wife
And said hey babe I think she’s a nine

The man got slapped and slammed on his brakes…
Pulled into his driveway …
Stopped and said to me:

What size are your feet?
I replied a 9 or 9 and a half usually
The man said as his wife stood by:

I got some pink shoes for you, why don’t you give them a try?

I said alright, sure I was just headed to the DMV but I’m interested so I’ll see

The man came out with a Yum shoe box
And opened it up…
The shoes were big like my feet with pink shiny stuff

I said they fit
They said good and his wife was cool
I was on my way to the DMV with a fresh pair of new shoes.

Happy 5th BlackBoxTV

blackboxtv_1Today I received a nice email from friend and filmmaker Tony Valenzuela, who I met by his discovery of my old YouTube channel. Back in 2010, Tony wanted to start a channel on YouTube that was like R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps meets Tales From the Crypt. He teamed up with Philip DeFranco who was one of the most famous YouTubers at the time, and they got the channel rolling.

Tony and Phil snagged the larger YouTube stars for his shorts. They reeled in everyone who was making a mark on YouTube. That included me. Tony took notice when he caught my “Last Exorcism Work Out Tape” infomercial parody. It was just as ridiculous as you’d think. I was playing a possessed girl who’s Mother wanted to ‘work’ the demons out of me. Holy crosses on the tape got me doing workouts alright! Backbends, head twists and jumping jacks were some of the exorcism exercises I displayed.

Videos I made on my former channel were silly, funny and prankster, which is the opposite of what Tony wanted to do.

Tony got me on board to one the first BlackBoxTV videos which was entitled “Final Exit.” It was basically about a haunted hospital and the monsters that occupied it. I was one of the monsters of the pack. You can catch a brief moment of me spitting up a pool of blood!
Toby Turner Tobuscus Lisa Mason Lee
It went great, and Tony called me back for another short entitled, “This Is For You Baby.” I show up at Olga Kay’s house and there’s Tony V, Cyr1216, and Tobuscus (Toby Turner)… but at the time I didn’t know that they were some of the biggest YouTube stars. At our shoot, Toby and Cyr were phenomenal actors. Then when I saw their comedic YouTube videos later on, I was really amazed how well they did with having to get serious for the short.

For the last 5 years, Tony has continued to wrangle in hot YouTube talent and has made them all look like Gods in his BlackBoxTV productions. Tony felt the pulse of what was going on in 2010 and what was to come. He knew he was onto a big idea and ran with it. He will always be a filmmaker to keep your eyes on. See the video he made expressing his love for the 5 year anniversary HERE.

As for me, I am still acting, but not creating for my former YouTube channel. You can find me on my newer channel and also on various TV shows. Follow me on Instagram HERE and/or Facebook to keep up with what’s going on.

Looking forward to judging the Indiana Short Film festival next! Excited to see the mega talent!

Love LL