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Just Do What Works

LorealultstraightWhen I needed it most, my blowdry brush handle broke on me. Also, there is a new chipped bristle that has been pulling my hair out every time I use it. My hair smoothing products aren’t doing their job either so I thought I’d go back to one that I remember actually doing what it says on the bottle- L’oreal Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight Cream. Time to shop!

My top things on my to do list over the weekend were: 1.) Get L’oreal Straightening Cream 2.) New blowout hair brush 3.) Some other boring stuff. So firstly, I went to Rite-Aid, which is a stone’s throw from my place and I had a coupon for $4 off. I bought the L’oreal Smooth Blow Dry Cream instead because it was cheaper and seemed like the Straightening Cream. I also got a $13 ceramic-tourmaline-ion-alien-something technology John Frieda round brush. With these new products, I couldn’t wait to get home to wash my hair!
I got home, washed my hair, put the Smoothing Cream in and started blowing out my hair with my new brush. The disaster unfolded every hair section of the way. My hair started accumulating on the round brush, brush bristles were falling out and my hair was looking gummy and voluminous but in a bad way. ‘I shoulda tried that Ecotools brush I saw at Ralph’s!,’ cried me. ‘I shoulda spend the $3 extra dollars for the Straightening Cream!,’ cried me again.

Good thing I kept my receipt, because I took those items back, then went and purchased this cool-looking Ecotools brush plus the Straightening Cream. I waited a day then used the product along with the brush. It worked just like old days, and the new brush had ‘give’ and didn’t take out my hair.
After trying a bunch of different smoothing and straightening hair creams for a year, I got some sense and went back to one that I remember working for me in the first place. Duh! Why steer onto the dark road of hair care products when you could drive into the tunnel with a light!? Well, you know, us women like to explore the world of products sometimes. Right? I’m not alone here am I?

I’m really into this Ecotools hair brush, and I really eyed the other new ones too. I will probably end up purchasing those as well! I love their makeup brushes and back brush.

Favorite Season


Summer is my favorite season. Love, Lisa

Featured peeps: Marilyn Monroe, Chris Isaak, Helena Christensen, James Dean, Natalie Wood, Lisa Mason Lee, Amelia Dark.

Locations: Santa Monica Mountains CA, Venice Beach CA, The Strand CA, Bar Sinister, various locations unknown in movie/video clips.


Why I Love Rogen and Franco

Topped again! The “Bound 2” motorcycle humping music video parody, and now this. Kim and Kanye have been totally eclipsed by their archnemesis duo Seth Rogen and James Franco.

This Vogue cover parody is just another confirmation to myself that I love all things Seth Rogen and James Franco. How can you not enjoy this on a Saturday afternoon?

franco-rogan-cover -photo credit via TMZ


Taste The Rainbow


Flesh to ashes

Dust to wind

‘Til death do I part

You win

Swaying in the storm

Dirt devil in the sand

Leaves in the pool

Begging homeless man

Sun burns my eyes

Feet charred from the grind

Heart still beating

Test of the mind

Heart wired strong

Faith and despair

No more persecution

Only wind in my hair

Freedom at last

It’s the last freedom

Taste the rainbow

Have rhyme

Have reason

Chère Chérie

Hey all! Whaz uuuuuuup,

Lisa19After you read this jargon, you will get to see some fun pictures! If you don’t read, then get-a-scrollin’!

I am not a model, but I do like to model since I know how to and do get paid every so often to pose. After working a lot in front of the camera, I am picky about who I shoot photos and even video with. Some photographers do not give me satisfactory lighting or stable shots, so the photos wind up blurry and not properly exposed, or they just suck in general. With cinematographers/videographers, they need to know their lighting and know what shots are going to look good. If I know they can’t handle the simple stuff, I don’t bother. I think a shooter can be green in experience, but if they know how to operate the camera and have a good concept, then why not shoot with that person! They are probably going to do something unique and cool. If the shooter can edit pretty good then that’s a bonus as well.

Recently I got an offer to shoot stills with my old friend and co-worker Jason Jolliff. He is a super talented videographer and editor, as I have worked with him in video productions throughout the years. When we work together, I host, and he shoots and edits. Since that chemistry works, I wondered the chemistry could work for stills?

Jason said, “I’m doing photography now, let’s shoot at the 247 Lounge!” He explained a rad concept to me detailing a ‘red couch on the stage’ with a ‘movie screen behind it’ playing moody flicks. Then he added that he had a nice lighting kit he would bring. Where do I sign? It sounded like fun.

So, we made it happen. We set it up. Started shooting. The ‘photographer and subject’ chemistry was present, and we came out with these pictures below. Mind you, this is only Jason’s 3rd photo shoot he has ever done. Je t’aime!

Save It ‘Til The Morning After

Eyes with a gleam.
Soul with a smile.
He took me under like Mr. Poseidon.

I held my breath, and opened my mind.
Then experienced something I can hardly describe.

Dazzle in the dance.
Dapper in the face.
Would you please kiss me now in this place?

I had the hors d’oeuvres, then the main course.
Still hungry, this one needed some more.

Starving for the love drug.
The speedbombs of smack
Serotonin mainlined- got my body jacked.

Haven’t been right since, or maybe I’m right now.
Your lips, your mouth I can’t live without.

The Real News Babes of Indy Get Makeovers!

Angela_Buchman_9moEver wonder what our favorite local female news anchors, reporters and meteorologists would look like if they had the freedom to change up their looks?

I hear my friends and family say things like, “Why doesn’t she fix her hair more like this or like that?” They also wonder why the ladies have their makeup or wardrobe a certain way.

Men and women who are in front of the camera in the news business, or even actors who are in front of the camera, have contractual clauses that refrain them from changing their looks unless consulted about with the heads of their company or managers first. Each individual has a different contract regarding what they can and can’t do. » Read more

Lisa Mason Lee Joins Real Scene TV

Indianapolis, IN – December 11, 2013

Lisa Mason Lee Joins Real Scene TV

Lisa Mason LeeComing off of her one-year reign as the “Face of MyINDY-TV 23,” Lisa Mason Lee is moving onto her next opportunity! Having reeled in more clients and revenue than the other previous winners, Lee’s on-camera and behind the scenes talents (filming, producing, editing) are undeniably a commodity for any business looking to further succeed.

Lee expresses, “When I was the Face of MyINDY-TV 23, it was my goal to take the position to a new level. I was the first Face who ever produced their own original show (My Entertainment Minute), and the first Face to bring in the most ‘Face’ business to the station.”

To say the least, Miss Lee likes to go big. Before the Face position, Lee spent time between Hollywood and Las Vegas acting and writing. Some of her accomplishments include becoming one of the top 500 most subscribed YouTubers globally, a published writer and reporter on, and Lee even acted in movie “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and co-starred in a web series alongside Audrina Patridge.

This year, during Lee’s time back in Indy, she made her directorial debut at the Indiana Short Film Festival, where her documentary short was chosen as an official selection. Another one of Lee’s recent and favorite accomplishments, is her acting performance in an Emmy nominated commercial. Lee shared the screen with the Butler Bulldog mascots, and the commercial received an Emmy nomination for its great production.

Lee continues, “I take pride in working hard and seeing projects through until everyone is satisfied. I am looking forward to creating new material with people who care just as much as I do about it.”

You can currently catch Lisa commentating on daytime show “TMZ Live” via, and also on the local late night TV show “Real Scene TV,” airing every other Saturday following “Saturday Night Live” on WTHR Channel 13.

For booking info, bio and media please visit:

Lisa Mason Lee’s official website:
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Link to press release PDF HERE

Beauty Products I Love Right Now

1-Lisa_Glam2 (2)-005I am a woman who loves her makeup, lotion, perfume and hair products! Although I am not that cluttery product hoarder… okay nevermind I shouldn’t say that as I sit here and remember that I have 3 Ziploc bags full of makeup I am not using at the moment. Hehe!

I CAN claim that I am not a ‘things’ hoarder, like those people who can identify the year by the stack level of crap. You know, like if a hoarder moved into a home in 2010, then the first few inches up from the floor would be from 2010. About 5 inches up, the items would be from 2011 and so on. How interesting is that!?

Right now I have movie “The Social Network” playing on the TV while I work. I feel like this is one of those movies that never gets old. I bet channel FXX agrees since they bought it to play at least one weekend a month. Will the movie still be good if Facebook keels over like MySpace? Oh the irony in Justin Timberlake buying a large share of MySpace after he was a supporting actor in The Social Network. He can do anything and become a success at it, but he just couldn’t bring back MySpace from the dead. Could Yeezus?

Anyway, some products that I am enjoying right now can mostly be found at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens or Ulta. Here they are in no particular order:


1. Clean and Clear Morning Burst Moisturizing Gel

This lightweight, non-lotion gel for the face is a great alternative to a face moisturizer! The scent is honeydew mixed with cucumber, and even has that cucumber coolness feeling to it. I love it.





2. Scope Breath Mist Spray (Peppermint)

This ‘binaca’ style breath spray is great for busy people. When you don’t have a toothbrush or mouthwash handy, pull this small to medium sized spray out of your purse for a freshener!





3. Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm (Healthy Blush 20)

When you’re in the sun as much as I am, you have to protect your skin. I like this newer lip balm from Neutrogena because it not only has SPF 20, but it also has a soft rosey tint. When I want to skip lip stick, I reach for this lip balm as well!





4. One N Only Argan Oil Hair Spray

What girl doesn’t love argan oil? It smells great and conditions your hair. I love this brand’s oil and the hairspray.







5. L’Oreal Smoothing system

All 3 of these products (shampoo, conditioner and creme) in the smoothing line work harmonious! I have naturally medium curly hair, and when I want to go straight, this is the combo I use.






6. Suave Captivating Curls curly mouse (compared to Redken)

This Redken knock-off is legit. Well, I wouldn’t know how good the Redken brand mouse is, but this Suave curly hair mouse controls my curls perfectly when used with a diffuser. Sometimes I add a little bit of Pantene BB creme throughout my hair too, but usually on day two.





7. Ocean Potion Ever Glow gradual body bronzer lotion

This huge bottle goes a looong way. It’s good to use in between real sun tanning. It smells like orange sickle but does not leave you orange. Also, the lotion in the bottle is a light white color with a light orange tint. FYI- I’ve only used it on my body, and not my face.





8. Epicuren Moisture Surge Hyaluronic Acid Gel


I picked up this little expensive bottle of youth at my esthetician at Spectrum Gym in El Seguno, CA. It’s $28, but it’s a great face moisturizing alternative.

Asher Levin Directs New Richard Simmons ‘Hair Do’ Video

Joshua David Evans, Asher Levin, Lisa Mason LeeMy friend Asher Levin who directed the Web series “Dream Maker” I was in, directed a new music video for Richard Simmons! The new song is called “Hair Do,” and it’s all about having fun hair.

Does Richard Simmons ever age?! He looks great, and he looks pretty good as a woman too! Beware- the song is contagious like a Britney Spears track! “Short, long, straight or curly- get something cute, get something girly!”


See the video here:

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