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Eddie Redmayne & Alicia Vikander Discuss The Danish Girl

The Danish Girl posterEddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander are what I like to call “Actors’ Actors.” You know, like a “man’s man” sort of thing. Yes? No? Okay, so when an actor views another actor as a super actor, then there is this mutual respect of the craft which results in major admiration towards the super actor. Not only are Redmayne and Vikander actors’ actors, but they are also quite beloved by the average film watcher. There is no denying that Redmayne and Vikander sparkle on film together, and even when they each stand alone.

Last night, the two said they’ve been running around like crazy attending screenings followed by Q&A for their film The Danish Girl. When they attended last night’s SAG-AFTRA Foundation screening/Q&A at the Landmark West L.A., they were quite winded and mentioned that we were their last audience to visit on their tour.

In the video I captured, you will see that Redmayne talks about an ‘intimate photo’ of himself dressed as TDG character Lily that was leaked to the public before the film’s release. He then talks about the research he did in the trans community for the role of Lily. Finally, Vikander talks about what it was like not being a known actress and everyone asking where her so-called films can be seen (then she comes out with Ex Machina boom! Now The Danish Girl boom!). See the video below:

Shooting “Hopped Up” with The Pagans!

pagans1I recently worked on a music video for punk rock band “The Pagans.” Who are The Pagans? A group of heathen punk rock boys who hailed from Cleveland, Ohio in the early 80’s. Today, The Pagans are still around but the only remaining member from the original band is the lead singer- Mike Hudson.

The newer band members include Justin ‘Lizard Tongue’ Lack on drums, Johnny ‘Babyface’ Dzubak on guitar, Eric Michael ‘Ponyboy’ Schrader on bass and Ben ‘Womanizer’ Reagan on guitar. Fun fact: Richard Duguay, who played guitar on Guns N’ Roses’ “Spaghetti Incident” album, is featured playing lead guitar on The Pagans recording “Hopped Up,” which is the song you are about to hear.

thedramaSo anyway while we’re talking about the newer band members, you should know that Schrader and Dzubak also play in another band together called “The Drama,” which is a moody rock band based out of Hollywood, CA. They are a really fun band to see live, because the lead singer Ashley pulls theatrical surprises including a possible ‘Jim Morrison flash.’ And since we’re talking about Eric Michael Schrader, you should also know that he Directed the music video I am getting ready to talk about!

The music video you are about to see is for The Pagans song “Hopped Up.” We shot it on location at The Art Of Charm School in Hollywood, CA. Schrader along with Kevin T. Miller did the bulk of the shooting. I shot some of the rooftop band performance scenes, did the casting and played the epitome of a groupie coke whore. Check out our other videos on The Enclave Hollywood page

I’d like to give a special thanks to team Clay Coker and Noelle Poulson for doing a fantastic job creating a rock n’ roll ‘night haze’ for the rooftop performance scene. And you know what, a big thanks to everyone who had a hand in working on this video. It couldn’t have been done without you! 🙂

The whole band is featured in the video along with lovely actresses Noelle Poulson, Suzy Williams and Annee Elizabeth. We also got handsome actors Clay Coker and Eric Bakey for the video as well.

Mike Hudson best describes “Hopped Up” as, “A song about a group of people, and one guy in particular, who are just pretty much out of control.” I say it’s, “Where a cool Hollywood band and fame whores unite!” Check it out:

Graham Bonnet Video Shoot Venice Beach

grahambonnetcrewWhat fun I had having the opportunity to work on a music video for Graham Bonnet. I assisted for this shoot with Eric Michael Schrader and Kevin Miller. Thanks to Eric, Kevin and Conrado Pesinato for the opp! See behind the scenes photos of the shoot in Venice Beach on our Enclave FB page HERE.

Watch the official video “The Mirror Lies” HERE

Song available for download HERE

CSI Cyber Season 2 Premiere

LisaCSICYBERHey guys! I thought I’d let you know that I will be in the CSI Cyber season 2 premiere entitled “Why-Fi.” I play a CSI Photographer.
It was really cool to work in a scene with Ted Danson, Patricia Arquette and an interesting little gadget that will see if you watch! Here’s the promo trailer below, and we’ll see if the editor gave me good screen time on CBS Sunday, October 4, 2015.

Thanks for reading
LL xo

Pink Kicks

Pink kicks
Today I was walkin down the street
With my pink Asics on my feet
A man drove by and nudged his wife
And said hey babe I think she’s a nine

The man got slapped and slammed on his brakes…
Pulled into his driveway …
Stopped and said to me:

What size are your feet?
I replied a 9 or 9 and a half usually
The man said as his wife stood by:

I got some pink shoes for you, why don’t you give them a try?

I said alright, sure I was just headed to the DMV but I’m interested so I’ll see

The man came out with a Yum shoe box
And opened it up…
The shoes were big like my feet with pink shiny stuff

I said they fit
They said good and his wife was cool
I was on my way to the DMV with a fresh pair of new shoes.

Happy 5th BlackBoxTV

blackboxtv_1Today I received a nice email from friend and filmmaker Tony Valenzuela, who I met by his discovery of my old YouTube channel. Back in 2010, Tony wanted to start a channel on YouTube that was like R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps meets Tales From the Crypt. He teamed up with Philip DeFranco who was one of the most famous YouTubers at the time, and they got the channel rolling.

Tony and Phil snagged the larger YouTube stars for his shorts. They reeled in everyone who was making a mark on YouTube. That included me. Tony took notice when he caught my “Last Exorcism Work Out Tape” infomercial parody. It was just as ridiculous as you’d think. I was playing a possessed girl who’s Mother wanted to ‘work’ the demons out of me. Holy crosses on the tape got me doing workouts alright! Backbends, head twists and jumping jacks were some of the exorcism exercises I displayed.

Videos I made on my former channel were silly, funny and prankster, which is the opposite of what Tony wanted to do.

Tony got me on board to one the first BlackBoxTV videos which was entitled “Final Exit.” It was basically about a haunted hospital and the monsters that occupied it. I was one of the monsters of the pack. You can catch a brief moment of me spitting up a pool of blood!
Toby Turner Tobuscus Lisa Mason Lee
It went great, and Tony called me back for another short entitled, “This Is For You Baby.” I show up at Olga Kay’s house and there’s Tony V, Cyr1216, and Tobuscus (Toby Turner)… but at the time I didn’t know that they were some of the biggest YouTube stars. At our shoot, Toby and Cyr were phenomenal actors. Then when I saw their comedic YouTube videos later on, I was really amazed how well they did with having to get serious for the short.

For the last 5 years, Tony has continued to wrangle in hot YouTube talent and has made them all look like Gods in his BlackBoxTV productions. Tony felt the pulse of what was going on in 2010 and what was to come. He knew he was onto a big idea and ran with it. He will always be a filmmaker to keep your eyes on. See the video he made expressing his love for the 5 year anniversary HERE.

As for me, I am still acting, but not creating for my former YouTube channel. You can find me on my newer channel and also on various TV shows. Follow me on Instagram HERE and/or Facebook to keep up with what’s going on.

Looking forward to judging the Indiana Short Film festival next! Excited to see the mega talent!

Love LL

My Little G.I. Joe

mylittleponyheemanIn this year of 2015, there has been so much education distributed among media outlets regarding gender. Many of us have learned that gender is more unique and not as black and white as we once thought. We have an understanding, thanks to stars like Bruce Jenner and Laverne Cox, that some people feel like the opposite sex inside so they make the outside match the inside. I personally just learned that every person who is inside their mama- is firstly a female, but then at some point they either become a male, stay female or become a hermaphrodite (I believe this is the term for displaying both female and male organs). Anyway, this is why men have nipples like women!

I read this story the other day about this clothing company having a line in the works that is gender neutral. That means that the whole pink for girls and blue for boys theory is out the window. I think that’s cool especially if you are shopping for an expecting Mother that has not revealed the sex of her baby. Trying to find some outfit or blankey that’s ‘in between’ the 2 colors is always a challenge. Also, kids who actually get to make decisions of what they get to wear, may not want those obvious pink dresses or blue pants. Maybe these new age clothing lines will have pink pants and blue dresses instead! See what I mean?

For me and my fellow millennials- most of us probably lost out on opportunities like the ones that youth have today. Now, everyone can feel more comfortable or supported if they decide to cross the gender boundaries that have been implemented into society.

After gathering all of this information, I started questioning myself recently. Who would I have naturally become if media, society or people hadn’t pushed me in the direction of their agendas? What if YOU were able to make all of your own decisions from childhood without being swayed by others along the way? What if I was robbed the opportunity to play with G.I. Joes, because I was told that Barbie dolls are ‘for me’ instead? What if I hadn’t watched those My Little Pony commercials with happy girls having a blast- would I still want to play with MLPs? What if you grew up listening to NOT the FM radio/mainstream music, and listened to eclectic music like Classical or Instrumental? Would your brain not be as clogged up with s*it like lyrics that were full of silly messages? What if I hadn’t been told I was a girl, and that I was supposed to do ‘girly’ things?

What would it be like to discover what you really loved with zero influence from media, society or people? Who would you be now? What kind of person would you have become? If you can think back to when you were a kid, what would you have altered if you weren’t distracted by the agenda that someone else made for you?

If you think about it hard enough and sift through the b.s. that gallivanted through your life, you may be able to shed the illusions of what you thought you were, and come out of the sticky cocoon as a real and true butterfly- YOU.


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