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Southbay Sunset


Like a Southbay sunset…

he came

and he went.

Just like love

falling away from your finger tips.

Distance you must travel

to open your mind.

Traffic is crap almost every time.

I love the palm trees.

I love the sun.

Will there ever be room for any one?

Blessed rain,

washed the sins of the town away.

Out came the sun,

what a glorious day.

Save It ‘Til The Morning After

Eyes with a gleam.
Soul with a smile.
He took me under like Mr. Poseidon.

I held my breath, and opened my mind.
Then experienced something I can hardly describe.

Dazzle in the dance.
Dapper in the face.
Would you please kiss me now in this place?

I had the hors d’oeuvres, then the main course.
Still hungry, this one needed some more.

Starving for the love drug.
The speedbombs of smack
Serotonin mainlined- got my body jacked.

Haven’t been right since, or maybe I’m right now.
Your lips, your mouth I can’t live without.

Heaven Does Exist On Earth

IMG_4517You say heaven is a really far off place? No, it’s not. It exists right here on Earth. You just have to be open to experiencing it, and willing to do a little bit of traveling 🙂

You will see a bit of heaven on Earth in my video from St. Barth, an island in the West Indies.

Lost Cemetery Documentary Playing at Indiana Short Film Fest

MerrittInvestigationTeamWe just got news that our documentary entitled “The Lost Cemetery” is going to premiere on the silver screen at the Indiana Short Film Festival. The festival is at the Royal Theater in Danville, Indiana October 11-13. The Lost Cemetery will play October 12 at 7:00pm.

We plan on hanging out for a Q&A session afterwards.

You can get cheap tickets and more info about the festival here. » Read more

Major Beauty and Fashion Magazine Changes The Game

carls_jr_modelBeing bombarded with fluffed up advertisements every day can become exhausting. If you turn on your TV or radio, get on the Internet or step outside of your home, you are susceptible to absorbing what ever ad is being sold to you. You probably think it’s just ‘white noise’ at this point in your life, but you still do absorb the information! If you’re a victim of the 1-2-3-punch with an ad being gouged into your brain, then you’re more than likely going to buy whatever that ad is selling you! ‘Why the heck do I want that Pretzel Bunned Cheeseburger at Wendy’s?! Must go buyyy.’

For both men and women, we are surrounded with a facade of perfect looking people in magazines who don’t have smile lines or don’t have weight issues! Then some of us look in the mirror and think, ‘Why does my face bend!? I must get rid of that bend!’ Some of those unhealthy advertisements create unhealthy habits and lifestyles amongst those who can’t help but believe that those doctored up photos are real. Don’t worry if you are that person, because we have all been victims of believing that smoke and mirrors do have an entrance to the world of perfection!

My Mom has one of those cool magazine subscriptions where she gets a boatload of female beauty/fashion and lifestyle mags every week. She lets me have them, and I gladly take them because hey- I do like some of the interviews and information in them. In all the years that I have seen these types of magazines, they all have had a similar look to them. It’s a famous person or model on the cover, and the words on the front are teasers to what’s inside. » Read more

Has Mystery In Relationships Become Obsolete?


What if it was like the old days when your loved ones would jump in their horse n’ carriage and ride off for days, months and even years! How neat would it be to run to the mailbox everyday, hoping you received a letter from that loved one who is miles away? The mystery combined with the anticipation was a magical concoction, creating a novel-like steamy romance!

Those days of being a naive prairie woman who waits, and waits some more for that love letter to come in the mail, are well over obviously. The reality is, we all know a Disney ending doesn’t exist. The Bachelor is staged too! But there is something that did stick with humanity through all of those hard times, and it is an important element that must be preserved now!

An epidemic that I see happening, and that prairie woman did not have any problem with, is that the element of ‘mystery’ has almost become obsolete.

Today, we can all communicate in seconds from opposite ends of the world. Information is communicated so fast now, there isn’t much mystery left between people since we all share everything! Although communication styles are new, people still long for that old-fashioned romance which is packed with mystery. The only way to have that old-fashioned style romance is to create mystery!

The only way to keep that essential mystery in a connection, is to create mystery! Don’t tell any full story in a text message/email/IM. Save it for the physical interaction, or else you will NOT have anything to talk about when you meet up! If you can’t meet in person for a long time, then save the thoughts and stories for an actual phone call, but don’t tell them every single detail. You need to keep your mate curious or else they’ll get bored. I’m even talking to you people who are in long-term relationships. You have to keep that flame burning too.

In conclusion, essential mystery in romance can exist, only if you decide to make it exist! Without mystery, there’s no curiosity, and without curiosity, boredom is born.

The Phone Works Both Ways

vintage-shoes_largeThe phone sure does work both ways! When you’re getting your panties in a tizzy over a missing phone call, just stop and remember what some smart person once said: “The phone works both ways.” Is that person you want calling, calling other people other than you? Maybe. Are you calling other people and not the person you hoped would call?

I like when you think of someone and then they call you… or better yet, you think of that person- and then you call them! Either way, the phone works both ways as they says.

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