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Sin nor Saint

Lisa_scarves The silence of our sins

Turns into secrets within

The essence of him

Rolls through me again

Untruth unsettles the heart

Monsters try to pull us apart

Forever means now

Please God show me how

Love you, to love him

I need attention friend

See you

See me

Heaven knows you can’t reach thee

Leave no stone unturned

I tried so many times

How will I get back up and not get burned

I want you

I want it all

Drink the Kool-aid and take the fall

Manhattan Beach Sunset


Taste The Rainbow


Flesh to ashes

Dust to wind

‘Til death do I part

You win

Swaying in the storm

Dirt devil in the sand

Leaves in the pool

Begging homeless man

Sun burns my eyes

Feet charred from the grind

Heart still beating

Test of the mind

Heart wired strong

Faith and despair

No more persecution

Only wind in my hair

Freedom at last

It’s the last freedom

Taste the rainbow

Have rhyme

Have reason

Beauty Products I Love Right Now

1-Lisa_Glam2 (2)-005I am a woman who loves her makeup, lotion, perfume and hair products! Although I am not that cluttery product hoarder… okay nevermind I shouldn’t say that as I sit here and remember that I have 3 Ziploc bags full of makeup I am not using at the moment. Hehe!

I CAN claim that I am not a ‘things’ hoarder, like those people who can identify the year by the stack level of crap. You know, like if a hoarder moved into a home in 2010, then the first few inches up from the floor would be from 2010. About 5 inches up, the items would be from 2011 and so on. How interesting is that!?

Right now I have movie “The Social Network” playing on the TV while I work. I feel like this is one of those movies that never gets old. I bet channel FXX agrees since they bought it to play at least one weekend a month. Will the movie still be good if Facebook keels over like MySpace? Oh the irony in Justin Timberlake buying a large share of MySpace after he was a supporting actor in The Social Network. He can do anything and become a success at it, but he just couldn’t bring back MySpace from the dead. Could Yeezus?

Anyway, some products that I am enjoying right now can mostly be found at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens or Ulta. Here they are in no particular order:


1. Clean and Clear Morning Burst Moisturizing Gel

This lightweight, non-lotion gel for the face is a great alternative to a face moisturizer! The scent is honeydew mixed with cucumber, and even has that cucumber coolness feeling to it. I love it.





2. Scope Breath Mist Spray (Peppermint)

This ‘binaca’ style breath spray is great for busy people. When you don’t have a toothbrush or mouthwash handy, pull this small to medium sized spray out of your purse for a freshener!





3. Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm (Healthy Blush 20)

When you’re in the sun as much as I am, you have to protect your skin. I like this newer lip balm from Neutrogena because it not only has SPF 20, but it also has a soft rosey tint. When I want to skip lip stick, I reach for this lip balm as well!





4. One N Only Argan Oil Hair Spray

What girl doesn’t love argan oil? It smells great and conditions your hair. I love this brand’s oil and the hairspray.







5. L’Oreal Smoothing system

All 3 of these products (shampoo, conditioner and creme) in the smoothing line work harmonious! I have naturally medium curly hair, and when I want to go straight, this is the combo I use.






6. Suave Captivating Curls curly mouse (compared to Redken)

This Redken knock-off is legit. Well, I wouldn’t know how good the Redken brand mouse is, but this Suave curly hair mouse controls my curls perfectly when used with a diffuser. Sometimes I add a little bit of Pantene BB creme throughout my hair too, but usually on day two.





7. Ocean Potion Ever Glow gradual body bronzer lotion

This huge bottle goes a looong way. It’s good to use in between real sun tanning. It smells like orange sickle but does not leave you orange. Also, the lotion in the bottle is a light white color with a light orange tint. FYI- I’ve only used it on my body, and not my face.





8. Epicuren Moisture Surge Hyaluronic Acid Gel


I picked up this little expensive bottle of youth at my esthetician at Spectrum Gym in El Seguno, CA. It’s $28, but it’s a great face moisturizing alternative.

It’s a Blog!

Yes it is, just like it’s a boy for Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton… but that’s not we’re talking about today because that story is so 3 weeks ago.

The current thing that you need to know, is that Indy Socialite the blog has been born. It’s an outlet for people who want to talk about what’s happening or not happening in Indy. Don’t come back here looking to get cut n’ dry news, because what I want to talk about is passionate, current and past events that I or my team finds interesting. We’d actually love to have you back ASAP if you like fun, weird and interesting stuff happening in Indy, because your input matters!

We’re all connected, so let’s act like it 🙂