The Real News Babes of Indy Get Makeovers!

Angela_Buchman_9moEver wonder what our favorite local female news anchors, reporters and meteorologists would look like if they had the freedom to change up their looks?

I hear my friends and family say things like, “Why doesn’t she fix her hair more like this or like that?” They also wonder why the ladies have their makeup or wardrobe a certain way.

Men and women who are in front of the camera in the news business, or even actors who are in front of the camera, have contractual clauses that refrain them from changing their looks unless consulted about with the heads of their company or managers first. Each individual has a different contract regarding what they can and can’t do.

As you sit there and watch our local beauties reporting the news or giving you the weather scoop, just know that it’s not an easy job to look fabulous on TV. Despite popular belief, the girls do their own makeup and hair. Sometimes a makeup artist and even a hair stylist come in to school the ladies on what types of makeup and hair look better than others, but that’s it. There is no makeup chair like in Hollywood. Makeup artists and hair stylists sometimes do help out on big photoshoots though.

Out of all of the questions and comments I hear regarding these women, the question I hear most frequently from viewers is, “Why is their hair like that?” So, I thought it would be cool to see what some of our favorite news ladies looked like with different hair styles.

I gathered found photos of the many local Indy news talents, and used the hair morphing program on to give them makeovers. What if the ladies could become brunette goddesses, blonde bombshells, fiery reds, have bob cuts, have long wavy tresses, or Zooey Deschanel bangs? You’re about to see what that might look like!

Check out the photo galleries below featuring some real news babes of Indy, and see if you like the makeovers or their original dos! It’s all for fun 🙂

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First up… Andrea Morehead of WTHR

Angela Ganote of Fox 59

Ann Keil of Fox 59

Pamela Gardner of WISH-TV

Lori Wilson of WISH-TV

Angela Buchman of WTHR

Jennifer Ketchmark of Fox 59

Brooke Martin of WISH-TV

Lauren Lowrey of WISH-TV

Vanessa McClure of Fox 59

Marisela Burgos of Fox 59

Lauren Casey of RTV 6

I had to do some makeovers on myself too 🙂