Major Beauty and Fashion Magazine Changes The Game

carls_jr_modelBeing bombarded with fluffed up advertisements every day can become exhausting. If you turn on your TV or radio, get on the Internet or step outside of your home, you are susceptible to absorbing what ever ad is being sold to you. You probably think it’s just ‘white noise’ at this point in your life, but you still do absorb the information! If you’re a victim of the 1-2-3-punch with an ad being gouged into your brain, then you’re more than likely going to buy whatever that ad is selling you! ‘Why the heck do I want that Pretzel Bunned Cheeseburger at Wendy’s?! Must go buyyy.’

For both men and women, we are surrounded with a facade of perfect looking people in magazines who don’t have smile lines or don’t have weight issues! Then some of us look in the mirror and think, ‘Why does my face bend!? I must get rid of that bend!’ Some of those unhealthy advertisements create unhealthy habits and lifestyles amongst those who can’t help but believe that those doctored up photos are real. Don’t worry if you are that person, because we have all been victims of believing that smoke and mirrors do have an entrance to the world of perfection!

My Mom has one of those cool magazine subscriptions where she gets a boatload of female beauty/fashion and lifestyle mags every week. She lets me have them, and I gladly take them because hey- I do like some of the interviews and information in them. In all the years that I have seen these types of magazines, they all have had a similar look to them. It’s a famous person or model on the cover, and the words on the front are teasers to what’s inside.

Last month, when the new Allure Magazine arrived at my Mom’s house, I was there to see one of my favorite actresses gracing the cover, and something was different this time with the magazine…

Actress Amy Adams’ face was the centerpiece. Her big blue eyes and strawberry hair were enchanting as you know. Her makeup was light and it accentuated her features perfectly… All of this sounds about typical for a women’s magazine cover, but what I also saw for the first time, changed the game forever.

It was what the photo editor did NOT cover up. That heavy airbrushing was not present. I saw Amy’s real face. Amy had a few crow’s feet under her eyes, which seems to be forbidden on most magazine covers! Allure Magazine and maybe even Amy- decided to keep it real.

It touched me so deeply, I wrote Allure this letter, and they published it!:Lisa in Allure

Today, the new Allure arrived again, and this time it’s Jennifer Garner on the cover WITH SMILE LINES TOO! She looks gorgeous and I feel refreshed once again by seeing this movement happening. We are living in exciting times ladies. Some of the pressure to be perfect has been relieved.

Let’s celebrate true beauty!