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Just Do What Works

LorealultstraightWhen I needed it most, my blowdry brush handle broke on me. Also, there is a new chipped bristle that has been pulling my hair out every time I use it. My hair smoothing products aren’t doing their job either so I thought I’d go back to one that I remember actually doing what it says on the bottle- L’oreal Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight Cream. Time to shop!

My top things on my to do list over the weekend were: 1.) Get L’oreal Straightening Cream 2.) New blowout hair brush 3.) Some other boring stuff. So firstly, I went to Rite-Aid, which is a stone’s throw from my place and I had a coupon for $4 off. I bought the L’oreal Smooth Blow Dry Cream instead because it was cheaper and seemed like the Straightening Cream. I also got a $13 ceramic-tourmaline-ion-alien-something technology John Frieda round brush. With these new products, I couldn’t wait to get home to wash my hair!
I got home, washed my hair, put the Smoothing Cream in and started blowing out my hair with my new brush. The disaster unfolded every hair section of the way. My hair started accumulating on the round brush, brush bristles were falling out and my hair was looking gummy and voluminous but in a bad way. ‘I shoulda tried that Ecotools brush I saw at Ralph’s!,’ cried me. ‘I shoulda spend the $3 extra dollars for the Straightening Cream!,’ cried me again.

Good thing I kept my receipt, because I took those items back, then went and purchased this cool-looking Ecotools brush plus the Straightening Cream. I waited a day then used the product along with the brush. It worked just like old days, and the new brush had ‘give’ and didn’t take out my hair.
After trying a bunch of different smoothing and straightening hair creams for a year, I got some sense and went back to one that I remember working for me in the first place. Duh! Why steer onto the dark road of hair care products when you could drive into the tunnel with a light!? Well, you know, us women like to explore the world of products sometimes. Right? I’m not alone here am I?

I’m really into this Ecotools hair brush, and I really eyed the other new ones too. I will probably end up purchasing those as well! I love their makeup brushes and back brush.